The Innovation Activity

The BRIDGE Innovation Activity aims at improving the prospects and quality of life of newly arrived migrants and refugees by developing a decision-making system based on AI technologies that helps public administrations manage their integration in the labour market through the collection, verification and processing of formal and non-formal skills.

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BRIDGE will allow migrants to access job offers matching their skills set and public authorities to take actions to maximize migrants’ employment, fostering the inclusion process.

The BRIDGE Decision-Making System is enabled by three core modules:


By using applied machine learning and reasoning algorithms personal skills are matched with job profiles.

Skills Wallet

Skill profiles are recorded and maintained with personal digital wallets that source data from API enabled skill verification provided by multi-lingual experts.


Skills, personal preferences, and spatio-temporal restrictions processed by the matchmaking engine allow optimized placement recommendations.


BRIDGE is co-funded by EIT Digital in the Innovation Focus Area Digital Cities. The Innovation Activity will be implemented from January to December 2019.

  • January 2019:

    Project Kick-Off

    BRIDGE starts in January 15/16 2019 in Trento, Italy, at the Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK).

  • February to April 2019:

    Requirements Elicitation

    Starting from February 2019, target groups are identified at two locations in Italy and Germany and interviews to collect the experiences and the needs of the relevant stakeholders (i.e the operators working with migrants for their integration in the labour market) are carried out.

  • March to June 2019:

    Front-End Integration

    Starting in March 2019, the system architecture is defined, developed, integrated and connected with legacy systems, and the front end is designed.

  • June to October 2019:

    Experimentations in the Field

    Starting from July until October, the system is being tested in Trento, Italy, and Berlin, Germany.

  • June to December 2019:

    Go-To-Market Strategy Implementation

    Starting from June 2019, the go-to-market plan based on the market analysis carried out in the previous months is defined and implemented.

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Our Team

The researchers and experts listed below contribute to the BRIDGE Innovation Activity success on the Italian and German side:

Marco Pistore

Activity Leader, FBK

Matteo Gerosa

Activity Management Task Leader, FBK

Nadia Mana

Requirements Collection Task Leader, FBK

Antonio Filograna

System Development Task Leader, Engineering

Tim Polzehl

Field Experimentation Task Leader, TU Berlin

Filippo Nardelli

Go-to-Market Strategy Task Leader, Expert System

Ashrafur Rahman

Backend Skill Verification, TUB

Chiara Leonardi

Contextual Inquiry, FBK

Danilo Giampiccolo

Project Management, FBK

Gianluca Schiavo

User Research, FBK

Jori Witte

Web Development, EIT Digital

Raman Kazhamiakin

Software Architecture, FBK

Our team is equipped with consolidated expertise in Computer Science (e.g., Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Human-Centred Design) and in Project Management, team members hold expert or leading positions in applied research and industry.

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